Friday, February 24, 2006

The Kapre

The Kapre are giants! How giant they are though is a mystery. Some say they are only 7-9 feet tall while others say they're so big that the cigar they smoke is the size of an average human leg! That, my friends, would be a giant! The Kapre are sort of the Filipino Saskwatch. They're tall, hairy, and I bet they have nasty wicked breath from smoking all the time. The Kapre love to just chill in trees, puffing away on their stogie, and watching over the forest. Some believe that the Kapre are responsible for making travelers become lost while others believe it is the Kapre who help lost travelers find their way. So, I once again chose them to be the good guys, and they are the watchers of the forest. They are my gentle giant gaurdians in all the stories I have developed about them. Despite the small controversy over how tall they are and whether or not they are malicious, there is no debate over what happens if you lasso a Kapre! If you ever come across a Kapre you're suppossed to lasso it and tie it around a balete tree. In the morning return to the same tree and the Kapre will be gone, but if you dig in the spot where he was you will discover a jar full of gold! Next week I'll talk about an animal-like creature with quite the hobby...eating shadows! Stay tuned for the Segben!!

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