Monday, September 17, 2007

A Little Progress On Jolina's Design

I really liked how these came out. It's really close to what I want. So, let's hope I can "find" her final design soon!


Thomas said...


Gerald said...

Sweet sketches and character designs. How's the PA life treating you? I was recently a PA for a VFX company in Nor-Cal.

kat said...

Hey. Came upon your blog at Ben Caldwell's forums. Figured you'd be Pinoy with your username hehe. I love your drawings! I've only seen the first page of this blog but I like what I've seen.

"crusher" said...

T., do you do any comic book sequential work?

Drop me a line, with your email, if you are interested in all.

John Layman

Will you be at Comic Con?

MyBooks said...

hello.. ran across you're blog through a google search on Manananggal, excellent work on all your sketches.