Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sculpt Update

Seth sent me an update on his Jolina sculpt this morning. Pretty sweet! I cannot wait to see more!!


Aigee said...

Pretty cool!

Another thing,

I came across your kapre and aswang sketches and was really impressed.

I'm a student of UCSC and in charge of creating a program for an upcoming university (school) production and was wondering if we could receive permission to use your sketches? (Aswangs, Kapres, etc.)

The concept that you have is so perfect for my vision of the playbill, that it makes me smile when i look through the drawings :D

I'm not sure how to contact you, which is why i posted this comment, but I'll put my e-mail address out if you want to know more about it :D


Thanks and have a good one!

Anju Sabu said...

I came across some old sharpie sketches and thought cool sketches and then saw these.. these are so wow!!
I love Ben 10 (yes, not something a twenty something year old girl likes!) so it's nice to see your work!