Wednesday, March 22, 2006


A legend exists of three robed figures that travel the Philippines. They visit homes and knock on the doors in the dead of the night. One of the occupants of the house they visited, usually the eldest or the most ill, would die soon thereafter. All that is known about them is that of the three, two are older men and one is a younger female. Legend has it that no one has ever dared talked to these mysterious figures. No one knows whether or not they are people, or demons, or perhaps the Philippines' very own angels of death. All that is known is that nothing ever tried can repel them from coming to your home (i.e. painting crosses on your door, hanging up trinkets used to repel aswangs, etc.) and that they also will go to churches, hospitals, and even government buildings to visit their intended recipient. And from what I gathered, you don't have to even answer the door. As long as they arrive at the house and knock on the door their job is done.

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Anonymous said...

another great story and image.
The palette on this one is very spooky,
I love the touch of red.