Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cheap Robot Rip Off

Here's an awesome sketch done by David Colman.

Here's a quick sketch I did sort of ripping off the picture. I did it on a Post-it note with my beloved Sharpie and some crayons.


Goobeetsablog said...

for a sketch- it is very nice.
the bits of color really add to it.


Diego Munhoz said...

Hey, your style is wonderfull... i like very much!!!

Take a look in my blog, have new sketches there!!


Space Bean said...

Sharpie!!! Get artistic, and high at the same time!

... I mean... it's not as if I know this from... experience or anything... I just...

Hey look! I linked to you! *runs away*

(Great work, by the way, I just noticed that his arm came off and everything, nice touch.)

Mark said...

Nice little blog you have here my good man! ;)

Mark McDonnell said...

The drawing you copied is by John Nevarez, not David Colman. John is amazing . . .and so is David.