Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mike Collins

Well, many people nagged and begged and pleaded with my older brother, Mike, to start a blog of his own and he constantly shut them down. Talk about rejection! I mean, how does he keep any friends? (I'm being very sarcastic at this point) All jokes aside, David Colman paid my brother a nice compliment on his blog and after that Mike felt obligated to get a blog up. I'm happy to put a plug in for him since...well, to be honest I can't think of a good reason to....(once again I'm being sarcastic) Mike really is great! He's been my art teacher for the last year teaching me, for free, the same stuff he paid thousands of dollars to learn at a college. Sucker! Anyway, I know his blog is still new and doesn't have much up yet but be sure to bookmark and make your way back every now and then. The first picture was drawn and colred by Mike. The one below it was drawn by David Colman and cleaned-up by my bro.


lafe said...

glad to see that powers of persuasion work : )

Hans said...

Great blog! I'll be back for more and will of course check your bro's blog as well.

Take care,